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About Anthony 

Meet Anthony Abbott, the dynamic force behind Iron Sharpens, a man whose life journey has woven a rich tapestry of service, family, faith, and entrepreneurship. As a US Army combat veteran, husband, father of two, minister, coach, avid hunter, and dedicated entrepreneur, Anthony brings a unique blend of experiences that form the foundation of Iron Sharpens.

Warrior's Spirit:
Anthony's journey began on the battlefield, serving as a combat veteran in the US Army. His experiences forged a warrior's spirit and a deep understanding of discipline, resilience, and the importance of a strong sense of purpose.

Family Man:
Beyond the battlefield, Anthony is a devoted husband and father of two. His commitment to family is not only a pillar of his personal life but also a driving force behind the ethos of Iron Sharpens, where family values and professional growth harmoniously coexist.

Called by God:
Anthony is not just a coach; he's a minister with a calling to guide others on their faith-driven entrepreneurial journey. His unique perspective integrates the spiritual with the practical, creating a transformative space for individuals seeking purpose and success.

Coaching Expertise:
With an innate passion for coaching, Anthony's expertise lies in personalized coaching sessions designed to address the distinctive challenges and growth goals of entrepreneurs. His approach goes beyond business, nurturing the holistic development of individuals.

Hunter and Outdoor Enthusiast:
Away from the hustle and bustle, Anthony finds solace in the outdoors. As an avid hunter, he embraces the quietude of nature, drawing inspiration and rejuvenation from its vast landscapes. This love for the outdoors infuses a sense of balance and vitality into Anthony's life and the ethos of Iron Sharpens.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Living just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, Anthony is deeply entrenched in the entrepreneurial landscape. His firsthand experience as an entrepreneur fuels his passion for helping others build successful ventures while navigating the unique challenges of the business world.

Join Anthony Abbott on a transformative journey with Iron Sharpens, where the lessons of a warrior, the warmth of family, the wisdom of a minister, and the thrill of the outdoors converge to shape a community of faith-driven entrepreneurs. Through his guidance, entrepreneurs not only achieve professional success but also discover a life of purpose, balance, and enduring impact.

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