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Sharpen your faith
strengthen your business


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Sharpen your faith
Strengthen your business




At Iron Sharpens coaching, our passionate mission revolves around championing Christian entrepreneurs, propelling them towards the zenith of their capabilities in both business and service to the Lord.

We fervently lead our members through life's intricate challenges, enveloping them in grace, cultivating gratitude, unraveling the divine purpose behind wealth and stewardship, and inspiring a countercultural existence that harmonizes with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What sets Iron Sharpens apart is not just a commitment; it's a fiery devotion. We stand unwaveringly dedicated to Christ-centered business and life coaching, providing our members not only with unyielding support but also the fortitude to boldly conquer their aspirations.

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our programs

At Iron Sharpens, our passionate mission revolves around championing Christian entrepreneurs, propelling them towards the zenith of their capabilities in both business and service to the Lord.

1:1 Coaching

$995/MO -OR- $5075/6 MOS (15% SAVINGS!)

  • 2-3 one-hour calls per month tailored to your specific needs
  • Exclusive Access to Anthony via phone, text, and email
  • Access to our private community
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the Iron Sharpens Course Library
  • Access to group coaching calls

Group coaching

$495/MO -OR- $2525/6 MOS (15% SAVINGS!)

  • 2-3 monthly calls (Topical, AMA, Devotional)
  • Access to our private community
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the Iron Sharpens Course Library​



If you are looking for guidance, but you're not sure live coaching is the right choice for you, consider on of our self-guided courses available for purchase with LIFETIME ACCESS!


Effective systems are crucial to the daily operations of a profitable business.


Learn how to close more deals without scaring your ideal clients away.


Without leadership, even the most qualified people crumble. 


Knowing how to identify and find your ideal client to maximize profit.

Is Iron sharpens right for you?

If you're a Christian entrepreneur seeking to infuse your faith into your business, Iron Sharpens may be a great fit for you

Are you seeking guidance in handling the unique challenges that come with running a business, without compromising your Christian values?

Iron Sharpens is not just a catalyst; it's a fiery force igniting the flames of faith-driven entrepreneurship! Immerse yourself in our dynamic world, where personalized coaching becomes a transformative journey, tackling your distinct business challenges head-on and propelling you toward unprecedented growth.

But it doesn't end there. Picture a vibrant community, a sanctuary of collaboration and support, where our group coaching program is the heartbeat. Here, you don't just learn; you thrive by sharing experiences and insights with like-minded individuals. Dive deep into the fusion of faith and entrepreneurship, forging bonds that go beyond business, creating an unstoppable force that propels you toward your goals with passion and purpose!

Looking for a community of like-minded high-performers that bolsters both your business knowledge and your spiritual strength?

Unlock a cascade of transformative benefits with Iron Sharpens! Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey that goes beyond mere business growth – envision accelerated expansion, a profound connection with the Almighty, unwavering resilience, and the chance to forge lasting bonds within a dynamic community of passionate Christian entrepreneurs.

But that's just the beginning! We don't just stop at business tools; we empower you with the arsenal needed to fortify not only your business but also your heart, mind, and body. Imagine not just surviving, but thriving in every aspect of your life, fueled by a relentless passion for success and a deep spiritual resonance. Iron Sharpens isn't just a program; it's a catalyst for a life charged with purpose, vitality, and an unquenchable fire for success!

Who is ANthony Abbott?

A Warrior's Heart, Guiding Entrepreneurs to Triumph

Meet Anthony Abbott, the dynamic force behind Iron Sharpens, a man whose life journey has woven a rich tapestry of service, family, faith, and entrepreneurship. As a US Army combat veteran, husband, father of two, minister, coach, avid hunter, and dedicated entrepreneur, Anthony brings a unique blend of experiences that form the foundation of Iron Sharpens.

Warrior's Spirit:
Anthony's journey began on the battlefield, serving as a combat veteran in the US Army. His experiences forged a warrior's spirit and a deep understanding of discipline, resilience, and the importance of a strong sense of purpose.

Family Man:
Beyond the battlefield, Anthony is a devoted husband and father of two. His commitment to family is not only a pillar of his personal life but also a driving force behind the ethos of Iron Sharpens, where family values and professional growth harmoniously coexist.

Called by God:
Anthony is not just a coach; he's a minister with a calling to guide others on their faith-driven entrepreneurial journey. His unique perspective integrates the spiritual with the practical, creating a transformative space for individuals seeking purpose and success.

Coaching Expertise:
With an innate passion for coaching, Anthony's expertise lies in personalized coaching sessions designed to address the distinctive challenges and growth goals of entrepreneurs. His approach goes beyond business, nurturing the holistic development of individuals.

Hunter and Outdoor Enthusiast:
Away from the hustle and bustle, Anthony finds solace in the outdoors. As an avid hunter, he embraces the quietude of nature, drawing inspiration and rejuvenation from its vast landscapes. This love for the outdoors infuses a sense of balance and vitality into Anthony's life and the ethos of Iron Sharpens.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Living just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, Anthony is deeply entrenched in the entrepreneurial landscape. His firsthand experience as an entrepreneur fuels his passion for helping others build successful ventures while navigating the unique challenges of the business world.

Join Anthony Abbott on a transformative journey with Iron Sharpens, where the lessons of a warrior, the warmth of family, the wisdom of a minister, and the thrill of the outdoors converge to shape a community of faith-driven entrepreneurs. Through his guidance, entrepreneurs not only achieve professional success but also discover a life of purpose, balance, and enduring impact.



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